We are a global company that wants to bring wood products to everyone. We chose the Wooden Puzzle as our brainchild from among many appealing products on the market.

What is the significance of the wooden puzzle?

We became immersed in the fun and beauty of this product after accidentally encountering similar wooden puzzle products on the market. The set of wooden puzzles is completely unique, defying any rule or standard. Indeed, we were captivated by this product from the start.

The use of wood also adds to the product's uniqueness and opulence. We use UV printing technology with high-quality ink in particular, so the color fastness is very high and will not fade.

Pluzzle designs and manufactures all of its products in Vietnam. All of our love and enthusiasm has gone into the products we deliver to you. We hope you are always pleased with our products.


We care about the aesthetics of our work as much as we care about our artisans and customers.

For our customers, we treasure and honor the uniqueness and individuality of each person. We sincerely want to help you find the best gift that suits your needs and makes the recipients satisfied. Hence, we will do anything to make sure we achieve that goal.

For our employees and artisans, we create a safe and harmonious workplace as well as ensure their fair, stable income in regards to their arts and hard work. By supporting us, you are also supporting the lives of hundreds of artisans who are struggling to make their art known to the world.